SpaceWorld on its way

California may soon have a space mountain outside of Disneyland.

NASA is getting closer to introducing SpaceWorld, a space-exploration center set to open in California's historic Hangar One in 2007. But until then it's working to bolster it's current public center.

On Tuesday, NASA said it is working with the non-profit SpaceWorld Foundation to improve the public Exploration Center at the space agency's Ames Research Center in Mountain View. Under the three-year collaboration, the SpaceWorld Foundation, whose mission is to advance educational programs in science, will create space-related exhibits at the center. Ames will provide the staffing.

The Exploration Center will remain open until early 2007, when it will temporarily close and re-launch as "SpaceWorld at NASA" in mid 2007, according to NASA. SpaceWorld will have themed rides, astronaut training centers, robotic rover prototypes and restaurants.

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