Sony Xperia S, Nokia Lumia 900 and OLED TVs launched at CES

Press day at CES saw big phone unveilings from Nokia and Sony, as well as some truly exciting TVs and an appearance from Justin Timberlake.


Monday was press day at CES in Las Vegas and technology hacks from around the globe were out in force, snapping and scribbling away, trying to absorb masses of premium gadgetry into their noggins. Here's our round-up of the most exciting tech so far.

It was a big day for Sony, which covered all bases by launching a powerful new smart phone dubbed the Xperia S , a 55-inch TV sporting a 'Crystal LED Display' , as well as the Walkman Z , the company's latest answer to the iPod touch.

Much to no-one's surprise, the Nokia Lumia 900 was unveiled, looking like the Lumia 800 but with a forward-facing camera and LTE tech. There was no word on pricing or availability, but as we don't have LTE here, it's unlikely to make it to Blighty.

It was the televisions, though, that stole the show. LG got us all hot and bothered with two genuinely exciting offerings. The LG Google TV puts all the power of Android into your telly, making it smarter, wiser and able to perform all the strenuous multi-tasking we've come to expect from our technology. Using a Magic Qwerty remote, you can direct the little lime-green droids to do your bidding, whether it be browsing the web or downloading apps.

OLED seems to be the name of game for TVs this CES, and LG jumped on that bandwagon too, unveiling a 55-inch telly that at a wispy 4mm thick is skinnier than most smart phones. First a magic remote and now an impossibly thin TV -- LG has been dabbling in some serious tech sorcery of late.

Samsung's Super OLED TV also looks very promising, with a lovely looking display, dashing design and a built-in HD camera that allows for face recognition and motion control.

Meanwhile, Lenovo looks is trying to cast aside its straight-laced, buttoned-down business image with the flexible and intriguing IdeaPad Yoga . The prototype Windows 8 laptop contorts into four different poses: notebook, tablet, stand and tent -- although it's yet to master the cobra or downward-facing dog.

Lenovo also launched two, more conservative, IdeaPad ultrabooks , but it was HP that unveiled the most exciting laptop of the day: a 14-inch ultrabook coated in glass, called the Envy 14 Spectre .

In other news, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced in the company's final CES keynote speech that Xbox 360's Kinect would be coming to Windows 8 in February.

After Ballmer had said Bye Bye Bye, Justin Timberlake popped his curly head up and announced he is continuing on his quest to bring MySpace back by partnering with Panasonic to create a truly socially integrated TV-watching experience. We never thought we'd say this, but Panasonic might be risking its street cred by throwing its lot in with the likes of Timberlake and MySpace.

What shiny gadgetry from CES has got you excited so far? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page. For more on CES, including live blogs and hands-on previews, head over to

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