Sony: PSN back, but no system is 100 percent secure

Howard Stringer speaks to a handful of reporters today about the security breach that brought down the company's gaming network for more than three weeks.

After switching PlayStation Network back on this past weekend, Sony executives are now speaking out about the security breach and its aftermath.

Several media outlets participated in a call with Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer and Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai today in which the execs admitted Sony still does not know who accessed the personal records of more than 100 million of its customers last month.

Putting the event in context, Stringer said that any company's security system is vulnerable. "Nobody's system is 100 percent secure," Stringer said, according to Bloomberg. "This is a hiccup in the road to a network future."

He also lamented how hard it is for everyone who does business online to keep ahead of hackers. According to the Huffington Post, Stringer called it "a kind of escalating competition between good and bad."

When pressed on how it took Sony a week to tell its customers of the breach, Stringer said, "There is no precedent for this in people's experience...Most reports now seem to indicate that we acted very quickly and very responsibly."

Several weeks ago a U.S. senator and a House of Representatives subcommittee slammed Sony for its slow response to the breach .

Yesterday Sony said it would make it up to customers with two free video games, a weekend of free movie rentals, free identity theft monitoring service for a year, one to two months worth of free premium PlayStation or Qriocity service depending on your existing subscription status, and in-game bonuses for several popular video game titles.

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