Sony Network Entertainment chief Tim Schaaff to retire

Although Schaaff will leave his role on December 31, Sony will keep him on as a member of the board of directors.

Sony Network Entertainment

Sony Network Entertainment boss Tim Schaaff is retiring.

Sony announced the news today, saying that he will be leaving the company on December 31. Starting January 1, Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House will take over Sony's Network Entertainment operation. According to Sony, Schaaff will stay on as a member of Sony Network Entertainment's board of directors.

Sony's Network Entertainment division has become an increasingly important aspect of the company's gaming value. The service allows users to access music and download videos. It's also home to Sony's video game store.

Schaaff joined Sony in 2005 after a stint at Apple. While in Cupertino, Schaaff helped develop QuickTime, Apple's own media player. At Sony, his charge was to add entertainment services to the company's network operations.

Sony's executive team has been in a constant state of flux since Kazuo Hirai took over the company earlier this year. Several executives have left the firm and others have been moved to different divisions . The changes have all been part of a broader strategy Hirai kicked off, called "One Sony," that focuses the company on a few core pillars, including gaming and digital imaging.


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