Sony Google TV not coming to the UK until September

Sony's Google TV will arrive here in the autumn, cramming Google-flavoured goodness into your telly. Watch our hands-on preview.


Sony's Google TV , which crams Google goodness into your tellybox, may not be arriving in the UK until September, but you can hit play on the video above for a sneak preview.

At a Sony event today we learned that Brits hoping to download Android apps to a telly will have to wait until after the summer. That's a shame, as we think Google TV has buckets of potential, and we want to get our eyes on it as soon as possible.

So far we know Sony will be making a standalone set-top box and a Blu-ray player, both with Google TV tech built-in. There's no word on whether Sony will cram the search giant's services into its actual TVs yet, but as rivals such as LG are already prepping Google TV sets, we wouldn't be surprised if we see Bravia models with Google built-in closer to the end of the year.

Another possibility is that Sony could offer Google TV as an update to its current Internet-enabled tellies.

We went hands-on with Sony's Google TV system at CES in Las Vegas, and we were impressed -- particularly with the quirky remote, which despite looking like a taser has a trackpad and Qwerty keyboard to make navigating menus easier.

Voice-control tech is also in place, so you can bark orders at your TV, pretending that you're some kind of couch-bound naval captain and the TV channels are battleships under your command.

Do you think Google is the future of TV? Or will the next big thing in telly-tech come from elsewhere? Perhaps OLED screens? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook wall

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