Sony eyes two former Apple executives for board

The company is seeking to add to its board the former head of Apple in Japan and a former Apple vice president.

Sony is planning to add two new people to its board of directors, and both can trace their roots to Apple.

Eikoh Harada, current president of McDonalds Holdings Japan, and Tim Schaaff, Sony's former Network Entertainment chief, have been nominated to join the electronics giant's board of directors. Although people are elected for boards all the time, Harada and Schaaff's shared histories make these nominations rather interesting.

Harada spent 14 years at Apple and left in 2004 when he was head of the iPhone maker's Japan operations. Schaaff also spent 14 years at Apple and was a vice president when he left in 2005. Schaaff last year stepped down as head of Sony Network Entertainment.

Sony is in the process of revising its business to breathe some new life in its ailing television, gaming, and entertainment divisions. It's not clear what the company is hoping to get out of Harada and Schaaff, but that they came from Apple might hint that Sony wants to capitalize on their expertise.

Harada and Schaaff will be up for election on June 20 at Sony's annual shareholder meeting.

(Via Bloomberg)

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