Sony Ericsson W890i: Hands-on with the lean Walkman phone

If the Sony Ericsson W880i's keypad left you numb in your thumb, the W890i is the answer to all your metacarpal problems

When we first got our hands on the Sony Ericsson W880i, we thought, "Great phone, shame about the keypad" -- which is why we're delighted to see its successor, the Sony Ericsson W890i Walkman phone. Wave goodbye to your metacarpal worries, Walkman fans!

Similarly thin, the W890i is still a pocket-friendly little handset, and yet it somehow squeezes in a larger keypad -- and its fair share of features. There's a 3.2-megapixel camera, HSDPA (3.5G) for fast access to the Internet and, of course, the Walkman player.

You can listen to music by simply pressing the dedicated Walkman key. Connect a pair of headphones via the provided 3.5mm wired adaptor, or wirelessly using a pair of Stereo Bluetooth headphones. There's an FM radio too.

The W890i can store up to 4GB of music on a Memory Stick Micro card, which is about 1,000 tracks (depending on the bit rate) -- more than enough for your daily commute. It's currently available from several networks for free on a monthly contract. Expect a full review soon. -Andrew Lim

Update: Read our full Sony Ericsson W890i review

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