Sony Ericsson LT28at Xperia has HD display, 13-MP camera

A new Sony Ericsson handset has shown up, toting a 13-megapixel camera along with a 4.55-inch 720p HD screen. And it isn't the Nozomi.

Well look at this. Just a few days after pics of Sony Ericsson's much-hyped Xperia Arc HD (or Nozomi , if you prefer) leaked, we've got some details on another high-end Xperia handset. And if the specs are anything to go by, it looks like it'll thrash the Arc HD.

Codenamed the LT28at (as opposed to LT26i for the Arc HD), the handset looks like it'll have a 4.55-inch 720p HD screen, along with a monster 13-megapixel camera. Craziness.

The specs showed up on the Official Bluetooth SIG site, The Verge reports. So what else can we expect from this 'super phone'? It'll run Android, and while there's no mention of which version, the fact it has a 720p screen (the native resolution for Ice Cream Sandwich ) hints it could well be ICS.

Bluetooth 2.1 EDR will come as standard, as well as a 720p front-facing camera, LED flash on the rear 13-megapixel effort, Wi-Fi, and dual microphones. It'll also have LTE for super-fast web browsing, but that doesn't mean diddly for us Brits, seeing as we won't get 4G till around 2015 .

It's listed as "Coming later" with availability limited to North America at the moment, but fingers crossed we'll see a UK release. The Xperia Arc HD isn't even out yet, and already it looks like it has a successor.

A couple of images of the Xperia Arc HD leaked earlier this month . It'll have a 4.3-inch screen, with a resolution of 720x1,280-pixels, matching the Samsung Galaxy Nexus . Though apparently it'll come with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread instead of Ice Cream Sandwich, which is a bit of a disappointment. It's also expected to have a 12-megapixel camera -- if it's anything like the one on the Xperia Arc, we're in for a treat.

Google has put the brakes on pushing out Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Nexus S , though if you want it now, follow our handy guide , and let us know how you get on.

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