Sony Ericsson announces T270i, T280i, R300i and R306i

Today Sony Ericsson unveiled four entry-level phones called T270i, T280i, R300i and R306i. They won't blow your mind but they will be cheap

Today Sony Ericsson launched four new handsets that won't break the bank. The T270i and T280i are slim, simple mobile phones aimed at users who want the basics.

The two are almost identical, except for the T280i's 1.3-megapixel camera -- don't expect high quality shots, but it'll do for MMS.

Similar to the Sony Ericsson T650i, the T270i and T280i have two-tone cases that make them stand out from the rest of the budget crowd -- not very flashy, but then you don't always want to be.

Features-wise there isn't much to shout about -- there's an FM radio, WAP browser and Bluetooth, but these phones hopefully won't be very expensive. For more information visit the Sony Ericsson Web site. Click through for the next two phones.

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