'SleepTracker' watch knows when to wake you

It supposedly monitors your sleep cycles.

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We're not sure if we believe all its marketing claims but, if half of them are true, this watch is well worth the $179 it's going for.

As its name implies, the "SleepTracker Pro," monitors your nocturnal patterns so it can sync up with your sleep cycle, according to ProductDose. Then, when you program it to awaken you within a particular 90-minute window (or less), it will gently rouse you with its vibrating mechanism.

This last feature is an important distinction from the previously released standard version, which offered only a rude ringing alarm, as well as a shorter window. But if you really need noise to get out of bed, there's always the " Sonic Bomb ." Either way, at least it doesn't talk .

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    Mike Yamamoto is an executive editor for CNET News.com.


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