Skype for Windows Phone being tested, coming soon

Skype for Windows Phone will be arriving soon, reports suggest. About time!

Skype should be arriving on Windows Phone soon, as reports from The Verge suggest the app is in the testing stages.

Microsoft employees are reportedly able to download test versions of the Skype app from the Windows Phone Marketplace. The app itself will likely fit right in with the Windows Phone aesthetic, with several panes to scroll through by swiping left and right.

The app can't arrive too soon as far as we're concerned, because in case you'd forgotten, Microsoft actually owns Skype . So the fact that we're still waiting for the VoIP service to arrive on the software giant's own operating system is weird to say the least.

Microsoft originally vowed to get Skype on to Windows Phone in autumn of last year. The news that it's in testing is positive though, and if it's ready to show off by the end of February, it could make an appearance at Mobile World Congress, a big trade show for everything phone-related.

We used to be reluctant when it came to recommending Windows Phone, because compared to iOS and Android it was extremely light in the app department.

But things are improving -- Microsoft's OS nabbing Spotify has made it a much more appealing option, for us at least, and the Nokia Lumia 800 gives the platform an extremely classy device upon which to sit.

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