Sky prices hiked by up to £30 per year

With the spectre of BT Sport and a potential price looming, Sky prices are to rise by an average of 2.5 per cent.

Sky has revealed its promised price hikes. With the spectre of BT Sport and a potential price war looming, Sky's prices are to rise by an average of 2.5 per cent in September.

Some packages increase by 50p per month and others by £1, with your new bill depending on which packages and extras you subscribe to.

First, the 50p increases: the Sky Entertainment Extra channel package climbs to £27, and the high-definition Sky Entertainment Extra+ rises to £32.

Other deals are up by £1. Sky Multiroom rises to £11.25, and Sky Sports Packs, including both Sky Sports 1 and 2, increase to £22. If you only have Sky Sports 1 or Sky Sports 2, your bill remains unaffected.

If you subscribe to the full boat, next year's bill will see an extra £30 tacked on.

International call prices are also changing, but broadband, line rental, landline, movie channel and basic packages remain unchanged. And Sky had warned that prices could climb by as much as 10 per cent , so things could be worse.

Still, it's a bad time for Sky to hike its prices: Murdoch's mob are locked in a bitter sporting scrap with BT as the new football season creeps closer. BT Sport channel launches soon, claiming 38 live Premiership games and offering the new channels free to anyone with BT broadband.

In response, Sky is offering the reverse deal: free broadband to Sky Sports subscribers. To tempt new viewers, Sky is also showing its opening day action on free channels that anyone can watch on the first day of the season, 17 August.


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