Shop on Twitter with a hashtag

Facebook and Twitter explore new ways to shop on social media, Apple's CEO thinks OLED is awful, and a new app wants to be Twitter for voice messages.

Tuesday's CNET Update is a Twitter #shopaholic:


The social media giants are testing new ways to get you to shop on their networks. Facebook is rolling out a "Buy Tickets" button for event page owners. And Twitter partnered with American Express to let card holders shop by tweeting a hashtag.

Also in today's tech news roundup:

- Apple CEO Tim Cook said OLED displays are "awful." Of course, that's what Apple's biggest competition uses.

- Intel confirmed that it will unveil an Internet-based TV service and box later this year. And the box will have a camera that can detect which family member is using it.

- Talkbits is a new app that aims to be a Twitter for voice. Share 15-second audio clips with others in your area to talk about... well, anything. There's also an option for private chats.

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