Seiko's e-ink watch makes its mark

$2,000 timepiece is marketed for women

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Seiko was once known for its coveted high-end watches, often sporting the latest timepiece technologies. For several years on the U.S. market, however, it's been associated more with department store displays that cram watches into their cases like passengers on Tokyo subways.

But the watchmaker is showing that it hasn't lost its techno-mojo by trotting out its "Spectrum" model, which features a display that uses high-contrast electronic ink from the aptly named partner E Ink. On display at Switzerland's BaselWorld show this week, the watch has a "360-degree continuous sapphire crystal" and will sell for $2,000, according to WristDreams.

Despite its formidable appearance, the Spectrum weighs less than 3 ounces. Seiko apparently thinks its bangle-bracelet design makes the watch more appropriate for women, so it's marketing it appropriately. But in the metrosexual world of high-tech fashion, this watch could be worn by just about anyone, anywhere.

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