Scratch Trek: DIY 'Star Trek' cat tree with carpeted Enterprise

A DIY "Star Trek" cat tree adds a bit of space adventure to a lucky cat's life.

Enterprise cat tree
Good thing this cat tree doesn't come with phasers. hatstand4510

Up until now, cats with "Star Wars"-fan families have had all the fun with custom-made cat condos and scratchers. Not to be outdone, a "Star Trek" fan has had a go at balancing the Force for our kitty companions with an Enterprise and Romulan ship cat scratcher.

Instructables user hatstand4510 has a cat named Saavik, because of course she has a cat named Saavik. She spent $150 on plywood, PVC pipe, connectors, bolts, sisal rope, and carpet.

The instructions walk one through the process, from cutting the pipe through wrapping the sisal rope. The result is a two-tiered cat tree with the Enterprise flying above a Romulan Bird of Prey.

The saucer section of the Enterprise forms a natural cat napping spot, and those warp nacelles are bound to see some cat clawing action. Saavik seems to have taken to the sci-fi tree quite naturally.

The "Star Wars" cat creations, like the AT-AT cat condo , have been a little too elaborate for your average fan to re-create easily. The Instructables for the "Star Trek" scratcher, however, are well within reach of a weekend hobbyist with a handsaw and a drill.

Enterprise cat tree
It's less complicated to build than an AT-AT. hatstand4510

(Via The Mary Sue)

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