Samsung Series 7 gets Ivy Bridge boost

Two Samsung Series 7 laptops are upgrading to powerful new Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 processors.

Series 7 is getting serious. Two Samsung Series 7 laptops are upgrading to powerful new Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 processors.

The Series 7 Gamer and Series 7 Chronos laptops are to be powered up with Intel Ivy Bridge chips, with 8GB of DDR3 RAM to boost their gaming grunt.

Ivy Bridge is Intel's third generation chip, already found in the top-end Samsung Series 7 . They're souping up computers left, right and centre -- and are expected to add extra chipset chops to the next generation of the iMac this summer.

Graphics get a leg-up too with the addition of Nvidia GeForce graphics chips that Samsung reckons will improve performance by up to 50 per cent. The Gamer gets a GTX 675M GPU and the Chronos gets a GT 640M chip.

The laptops also boast a one terabyte hard disk to stuff with high definition movies, music and games.

Series 7 is also going super portable with the Series 7 Slate, a tablet that runs Windows instead of Android like the rest of Samsung's tablet range. That's little cause for excitement at the moment, but when Windows 8 and its tablet-friendly, Windows Phone-inspired interface arrives later in the year, Windows tablets may actually become interesting for the first time ever.

The Series 7 upgrade is kicking off in South Korea first, but we expect to see Ivy Bridge making its way to these shores soon.

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