Samsung N110, N120: 10-hour Netbooks

New Netbooks from Samsung are powered by Intel Atom CPUs, and claim 9.3-hour and 10.5-hour battery life respectively.


Correction: This report misnamed the two Samsung Netbooks. They are the N110 and N120.

Samsung has pumped out details of a new pair of 10.1-inch Netbooks--the N110 and N120. Both are powered by Intel Atom CPUs, and claim 9.3-hour and 10.5-hour battery life, respectively. Though such figures mean nothing--all until we've tested them under our own conditions, it's a promising little promise if nowt else.

So with what are these Samsung sandwiches filled? Like Monday's N310 , the N110's keyboard is 93 percent the size of a full-size board of keys, whereas the more appealing N120's is full size. Both use LED-backlit displays, weigh about 2.8 pounds, and incorporate 1.3-megapixel cameras, memory card readers, three USB sockets, and run Windows XP Home.

The more delectable N120, pictured below, should in addition to that full-size keyboard and better battery life deliver decent sound quality. Or at least be louder, as it's got a dedicated subwoofer built in somewhere.

Samsung's laptops average just over 7 out of 10, based on all models we've reviewed, so we're expecting neither miracles nor horse waste wrapped in a plastic chassis. Both models will be on sale in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. in April, for prices somewhere between $1 and $750,000 (we don't know, and Samsung didn't tell us--but these figures are a safe bet).

Samsung N120

(Via Crave UK)


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