Samsung Galaxy S5 UK price and release date revealed

Samsung's Galaxy S5 will be out in the UK on 11 April, and cost £600 SIM free at Unlocked Mobiles.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is now up for pre-order! Unlocked Mobiles has listed it at £599.98 SIM free. It should be delivered on 11 April -- that's in six weeks.

Other retailers are lagging behind, but shout up in the comments if you've seen it offered anywhere else.

The S5 is Samsung's latest flagship. The South Korean company has taken a different tack than with the S4, deciding to go back to basics. The S4 was criticised for having too many gimmicky features in an effort to stand out, so it looks like Samsung is listening to its critics. Though it remains to be seen whether it does anything about how it names its gadgets, as revealed in the latest episode of Adventures in Tech.

The S5 might be light on gimmicks, but it has some new features up its sleeve. The home button has a fingerprint scanner for quick and secure unlocking, and there's a heart rate sensor on board for keeping tabs on how fit you are. Android 4.4 KitKat comes as standard.

Specs-wise, it's a slight improvement on the S4. The screen is slightly bigger, at 5.1 inches, and the camera has been bumped from 13 megapixels to 16. It also looks very similar to the S4. The mottled back and new colour options are about the only real cosmetic changes.

Samsung has taken a leaf out of Sony's book and made the S5 waterproof. It can hold its breath for 30 minutes, up to three feet deep in water. We'll have to wait to find out if we'll see an Active version of the S5, as we did with the S4.

Samsung's TouchWiz interface has been given a lick of paint as well, making it look a lot less cheap.

What do you think of the S5? Is it a bargain at £600 SIM free? Have you seen it anywhere for cheaper? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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