Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini release date, first deals revealed

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, the wallet-friendly spin-off of the Samsung Galaxy S4, hits shops on 5 July as the first deals are revealed.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini , the wallet-friendly spin-off of the Samsung Galaxy S4 , hits shops on 5 July -- and you can order yourself a free phone now as the first deals are revealed.

You can now place an order for the S4 Mini on Orange and T-Mobile, with deals starting at £10.50 per month. Orange's cheapest deal nets you 100 minutes of calls, infinite texts and 500MB of Internet use for a tenner each month, but only after you fork out £160 for the phone.

There are a range of options to bag you the S4 Mini for free, though. They start with a £27 deal that comes with 200 minutes and unlimited texts, plus 250MB of data.

Placing your order for a £27 The Works tariff in the three weeks between now and 4 July gets you unlimited minutes and texts with 250MB of data, without paying anything for the phone, Omio reports.

After it hits shop shelves on 5 July, the phone will set you back £50.

T-Mobile is offering the Mini for free on a range of deals, including a Full Monty deal with 500 minutes and unlimited texts and data, for £27 per month.

Which network you go for is up to you, as they're both part of the same company. Orange and T-Mobile joined forces to form EE, which is also the UK's first 4G network, and allows you to share perks like free Orange Wednesday cinema tickets.

What do you think of the S4 Mini? Is it a good deal, or a crime against the S4 name? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our our Facebook page.

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