Samsung Galaxy S Plus now available from Vodafone

The Samsung Galaxy S Plus is now available from Vodafone for those of you who are after a cheap alternative to the powerhouse Galaxy S2.

If you recently read our article on the Samsung Galaxy R and like the idea of having a cheaper alternative to the cosmically brilliant Galaxy S2 , then here's some smashing news -- your buying decision has just been made much harder by the Samsung Galaxy S Plus. It's a cheaper alternative to the Galaxy S2 and it's available through Vodafone.

The S Plus hopes to appeal to people who want a decent phone but don't want to sell their families in order to get their hands on it. The latest addition to Samsung's lengthy Galaxy smart phone range packs a 1.4GHz processor -- single-core though, not dual -- behind its 4-inch touchscreen.

The S Plus only has a super LCD screen, as opposed to the Super AMOLED screen found on its bigger brother, the Galaxy S2. They're apparently both "super" screens, but the AMOLED variety is brighter, clearer and will display photos, videos and apps in the sort of clarity that makes children cry and grown men applaud.

It's running Google's latest phone operating system, Android 2.3 Gingerbread , so you'll have all the fun of live home screen widgets, Flash support in the Web browser and access to the bajillions of apps in the Android Market.

We like the look of it in the above picture, but we're not surprised -- we liked that identical curved silver rim when it first appeared on the iPhone 3GS. Samsung has been floating on a sea of lawsuits from Apple recently over claims that Samsung's Galaxy range of smart phones and tablets too closely mimic Apple's iPhones and iPads.

Earlier this week an EU judge ordered the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was to be pulled from European sale and it seems likely these scuffles will continue.

The Samsung Galaxy S Plus is available now from Vodafone for free on contracts starting at £30 per month. Get it now before it too gets pulled from sale.

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