Samsung Galaxy Note 2 tipped for 29 August conjuring trick

A cryptic event invite points - quite literally -- to a late August reveal for the Galaxy Note 2.

Update: Samsung appears to have confirmed that we will in fact see the Note 2 unveiled on 29 August .

A cryptic event invite points -- quite literally -- to Samsung lifting the lid on a sequel to the Galaxy Note on 29 August.

Details of the 'Mobile Unpacked' event in Germany winged their way to journalists' inboxes with an intriguing box graphic featured, adorned with what seems to be a magic wand doubling up as a stylus.

There's more evidence that points to the Galaxy Note 2 being unveiled -- the event takes place in Berlin, just days before the IFA tech trade show, which is where the first Galaxy Note was given its debut.

Times have changed in 12 short months. Whereas last year saw the 5.3-inch smart phone shown off during a press conference and then plonked, unassuming, alongside loads of other new tech on the show stands, this year Samsung seems likely to give the Note 2 an event all of its own, with the company's more general press conference taking place one day later, on the 30th.

The move echoes Samsung's decision to ditch the Mobile World Congress trade show as a venue to debut the Galaxy S3, instead opting to throw its flagship phone a swanky London shindig several months later.

The invite could yet prove a red herring, as Samsung has a 'surprise' planned for 15 August, where we earlier hypothesised we could see the Note 2 revealed. We'll know what that surprise is in just under two weeks.

While many people (myself included) were sceptical about the appeal of a palm-stretching smart phone with a stylus, the Galaxy Note has proved popular. A few months ago Samsung announced it had flogged 7 million of the gigantic gadgets . The sequel is rumoured to feature a 5.5-inch display and a quad-core processor.

The 'Mobile Unpacked' moniker is the same title given to the app that betrayed the Galaxy S3's name , way back in April, and is used by Samsung when it wants to chinwag about new gadgets.

CNET UK will be bringing you all the latest on 29 August and throughout IFA, so stay tuned. In the meantime let me know what you'd like to see Samsung conjuring in the second half of the year, by way of the comments or our magical Facebook wall.

Image credit: Android Police

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