Samsung Galaxy Nexus ban temporarily lifted

The handset ban has been lifted, at least temporarily, in the US.

Samsung's Galaxy Nexus was banned in the US a couple of weeks ago, following a court kerfuffle with Apple. But now a federal appeals court has ruled that the ban should be lifted, though only temporarily.

The question is, will it last?

It was just a preliminary injunction slapped onto the Galaxy Nexus , so we could well see the ban lifted completely. According to AllThingsD, Apple has until Thursday to submit an argument that says why the handset should be banned outright. And if it can't, the Nexus could well be straight back on the shelves.

Judge Lucy Koh is the person with the power. She green-lighted a pre-trial ban, going with Apple's accusations that the handset infringes several of its patents and should be withdrawn from sale while the case continues.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was also deemed worthy of banning around the same time. It's an older device than the Galaxy Nexus but it was still another blow to Samsung.

The South Korean company appealed the preliminary ban on the Galaxy Nexus on Sunday, requesting it be temporarily lifted, but on Tuesday, Koh refused. Apple posted the $95.6 million bond required to effect the ban. Google yanked the Galaxy Nexus from its Play store and said it was readying a software patch that would mean the phone sidesteps the preliminary injunction.

So things are far from clear cut.

The onus is now on Apple to prove why the handset should be banned. There's no timescale for how long the appeal court will take, so we could be in for the long haul on this one.

Should the ban be upheld? Or is it a lot of crowing about nothing? Let me know what you reckon in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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