Samsung Galaxy Music is a blaring bargain blower

The Samsung Galaxy Music phone is packing a 3-inch screen, Ice Cream Sandwich and -- oh, mercy -- stereo speakers.

The Samsung Galaxy Music is a new budget blower with dual front-facing speakers to let you share your tunes with those around you -- whether they like it or not.

The Galaxy Music's diddy 3-inch display offers a muddy resolution of 240x320 pixels, but will run a relatively up to date version of Android -- Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung hasn't specified how much processing power will be thrumming away inside, but previous rumours have indicated a single core 850MHz chip.

Those specs hardly bear comparison with the 720p screen, quad-core processor and cutting-edge Jelly Bean software of Samsung's brand new Galaxy Note 2 , but the Galaxy Music is sure to be aimed squarely at the budget market, so its lesser specs are easily forgivable if the price is low enough.

Samsung hasn't given any word on how much it's likely to cost, but if it's to tickle the fancy of tune-loving teens across the country, it'll need to come in under the £150 mark. Other features include a microSD card slot for expanding the meagre 4GB of internal memory and a lowly 3-megapixel rear-facing camera.

Hopefully the Galaxy Music will come with a decent pair of headphones or offer some money off closed-back cans. If not, Britain's buses will soon be filled with the tinny squeaks of Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and the unholy Nicki Minaj, making commuting life even more of a living hell for those who forgot their sound-cancelling headphones.

There's no word on availability yet either, so stay tuned for more information.

What do you think of the Galaxy Music? Will it be a treat for music lovers everywhere or will it be the downfall of society as we know it? Convey your hopes and fears in the comments below, or over on our surround-sound Facebook page.

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