Samsung Ativ Odyssey could be next 4G Windows Phone

Boasting 4G in the US, the Ativ Odyssey looks set to be a more pocket-friendly phone than the Ativ S already unveiled.

This is the first look at the next Samsung Windows Phone. Boasting 4G in the US, the Ativ Odyssey looks set to be a more pocket-friendly phone than the one it's already unveiled.

The first Windows 8 Phone from Samsung is the Ativ S , a giant 4.8-inch beast of a phone. Judging by this picture, shown off by Evleaks, the Ativ Odyssey is much smaller.

The leaked photo shows the phone plastered with branding for Verizon, the US phone network. There's still no word on whether it'll come over here, or which networks it will be available from.

The Odyssey also bears a 4G logo. That doesn't mean it'll be 4G over here, however. Verizon's 4G LTE network runs on the 800 and 1,900MHz frequencies. Here in the UK the first 4G network , EE, runs on 1,800MHz, while future networks will use 800 and 2,600MHz. Still, the Nokia Lumia 920 is 4G here on EE, so fingers crossed.

Ativ is the rather unappealing name for Samsung's Windows devices, whether tablets boasting Windows RT , laptops and computers with full-size Windows 8 , or phones with Windows Phone 8.

The Ativ S and Odyssey face stiff competition from the gorgeous Nokia Lumia range, as well as HTC's Windows Phones -- not to mention the iPhone and the vast range of Android phones to suit all pocket and wallet sizes.

Can Samsung be as successful with Windows Phone as it has been with Android? Is the Odyssey the next S3? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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