Samsung announces TX100 tablet with sliding keyboard

Samsung has announced a tablet that runs Windows 7 and sports a slide-out keyboard.

At its CES press conference, Samsung apparently announced a tablet that has a sliding keyboard and runs Windows 7. We say 'apparently' because the press conference was rammed and we weren't allowed in.

From what we can tell though, the TX100 is a 10.1-inch multi-touch PC that will sell in the US for $700 (£450). Under the hood, you'll find an Intel Atom CPU. There will be 32GB and 64GB SSD options available. That's a respectable amount of storage for a tablet, but not much for a laptop. There will also be USB sockets and an HDMI output too, which makes the TX100 an interesting proposition for media-centre use.

From what we've seen of the device, it's pretty slick. As you can see from the image above, it's difficult to tell that the TX100 isn't a laptop when the keyboard is extended.

Samsung claims a battery life of 9 hours, which sounds incredible for a Windows-based device. But Samsung has done amazing things with the Galaxy Tab. That tablet has a mammoth battery that easily lasts a full day under most usage conditions, and longer if you're clever about how you use it.

The addition of Windows 7 means the TX100 has plenty of potential for gaming, business and multimedia use. The price seems attractive too, although the British cost will probably be more like £700 than £450, if past experience is anything to go by.

We'll have hands-on photos for you as soon as possible, so keep your eyes peeled. Click to the next page to see the TX100 from the other side.

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