Samsung announces lightest 3D glasses yet, bonkers 3D TV and bendy screens

Samsung's wacky boffins have developed some zany audiovisual treats in time for upcoming annual tech fest CES. Have a gander.

Samsung's wacky boffins have developed some zany audiovisual treats in time for upcoming annual tech fest CES. Among them are an asymmetric 3D TV, transparent and bendy AMOLED displays, and the world's lightest 3D glasses.

Samsung's new 3D glasses weigh 28g. That's 10g lighter than previous versions, and 9g lighter than the packet of Maltesers we just got from the vending machine. A fringe benefit is that, compared to Samsung's previous 3D glasses, they'll make you look less like a flaming galah.

The glasses can also detect whether they're being used or not, and turn on or off accordingly. They can be wirelessly charged too, and you'll apparently have the option to fit them with prescription lenses if you're visually impaired.

You'll be able to use the glasses when feasting your peepers on Samsung's new flagship 9-series LED-backlit 3D TV. Samsung hasn't released any specs yet, but the nutty stand and metal construction suggest that it'll pack all of the company's latest technological goodies.

Samsung is also planning to show off transparent 19- and 14-inch AMOLED displays at CES, for use on TVs, monitors, laptops and, potentially, car windows and the like. The displays are intended to let you search the Internet, for example, at the same time as watching a TV programme. 

The company will tout what it claims to be the highest-resolution flexible AMOLED display too. The 4.5-inch prototype has an 800x480-pixel resolution and can be rolled up so that it has a radius of a mere 10mm. Samsung hopes that such screens will be coming to smart phones and tablets near you soon. 

Keep your eyes peeled for a hands-on session from the show floor when CES kicks off on Thursday. We'll let you know any pricing and release dates as soon as they're available.

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