Sad Batman: There's nothing sadder than a sad superhero

The "Sad Batman" meme that arose from Zack Snyder's sneak-peek photo Tuesday might just make you very happy.

Can it get any sadder than this? Actually, it can. Zack Snyder

Batman is so sad. How sad is he? Well, just look at his slumped shoulders in the above photo. That is one sad superhero.

Director Zack Snyder gave fans a look at the new Batman film starring Ben Affleck on Tuesday when he tweeted a photo of the new Batsuit and Batmobile. But who could focus on Batman's ride with the poor guy looking so forlorn?

And what do the Internet masses do when they see a photo of a sad-sack celebrity? Well, in the spirit of the famed Sad Keanu meme, they Photoshop said sad celebrity into all sorts of sad scenarios.

Here's Sad Batman sitting alone in the log-boat of an amusement park ride. Here he is looking sad next to a stack of Xbox Ones (because "all he wanted was a PS4"). He's looking so downcast at his own wedding, he can't even look up at his bride. Getting tearful yet? (If not, click on #SadBatman for more.)

But really, Why So Serious Batman Ben? Could it be all that opposition to Affleck in the role? Nah, we're pretty sure that's not it. It must be, as evidenced by the photo below, that he's always the third wheel. That's never easy, not even for a superhero.


(Via /Film)

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