Robosapiens descend on McDonald's

Happy Meal toy campaign starts today


You know that a toy has achieved official ubiquity when it gets stuffed into McDonald's Happy Meals. And the latest to win that dubious honor is the Robosapien.

But don't expect the giveaways to be anything close to the full-fledged, biomorphic original; remember, these kiddie meals are only a few bucks. From the looks of it on the Happy Meal site (yes, there's a site), we wouldn't anticipate more than some fancy wind-up gizmos, but we hope we're wrong.

At least we can count on variety, which is standard practice to lure kids back to collect whole set, of course. We count eight variations total among four of the toys--the Robosapien, the Roboraptor, Roboreptile and Robopet. Starting today McDonald's will begin distributing two each week, according to Robocommunity and ads we heard on the radio.

This may be our first opportunity to write off McNuggets on the expense account.

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