RIM hits 3 billion BlackBerry app downloads

RIM's BlackBerry App World has hit 3 billion downloads, average 2.5 million a day.

RIM may have been struggling of late, with disastrous financial results and job cuts, but it seems it's no slouch when it comes to BlackBerry app downloads. It's just surpassed 3 billion of them, according to the BlackBerry Developer blog.

That's 3 billion downloads since BlackBerry App World launched. Which averages out to more than 2.5 million downloads every single day. Consider me thoroughly bowled over.

Apparently things are only getting better for the app service, with the number of downloads increasing all the time. The 1 billion mark was reached in 786 days, 2 billion after another 210 days, and it took only a further 176 days to hit 3 billion. These figures are all just from App World, so the figures don't include BlackBerry apps downloaded from third-party app stores, from companies internally, or directly from the web.

There are now 90,000 apps up for sale through App World.

How do these stats stack up? Well admittedly Apple's App Store trounces RIM's quite thoroughly, hitting as it did 25 billion downloads in March . But still, it's some much needed good news for RIM.

Recently RIM announced its BB10 operating system -- which many think will make or break the company -- was delayed, and won't launch until next year . The company is now being forced to reconsider last-resort options, including splitting down the middle and selling off its networking business, or joining forces with Microsoft.

The company's roadmap leaked last week as well , showing… well, some plans at least. Two BB10 handsets are incoming, along with a 10-inch tablet named the Blackforest. A 4G PlayBook is also on the cards. Providing we get 4G up and running in the UK soon, that could actually be quite a tempting prospect.

Do you use a BlackBerry? What can RIM do to turn around its fortunes? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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