Red 6K camera shoots 10 times the detail of high definition

As the first 4K UHD film is downloaded, a camera capable of shooting 6K video makes high definition look like a flickbook.

4K isn't cool. You know what's cool? 6K. Yes, a Red camera capable of shooting 6K video makes high definition look like a flickbook.

The Dragon sensor from cutting-edge camera company Red records video at an eye-poppingly detailed 6,000x3,000-pixel resolution -- ten times more than 1080p HD footage.

If it was a stills camera, the Red Dragon would be a 19-megapixel powerhouse. Red has shown off the first stills and video from the 6K prototype, and -- as if that monster resolution wasn't enough --  it shoots at a head-spinning 86 frames per second too.

Meanwhile it turns out there's actually something to watch on 4K. Ultra high-definition movie service Odemax -- no, me neither -- says it's the first to zap an actual 4K movie into an actual customer's UHD TV.

Short film The Ballad of Danko Jones was sent to the customer's Redray 4K player -- Redray, geddit -- build once again by Red.

The film stars Canadian rock band Danko Jones in an action movie taking in cloning and rock'n'roll, also featuring former Frodo Elijah Wood, Hellboy star Selma Blair, Donnie Darko's girlfriend Jena Malone, Karate Kid Ralph Macchio, and, er, Lemmy.

Yes, Lemmy out of Motorhead in full 4K detail. Here's the trailer:

UHD televisions are in shops now but are still short of stuff to watch. Both Sony and Samsung offer £4,000 UHD TVs, with the BBC and Sky part of a group promoting 4K with 'UHD ready' stickers .

Is 4K the future or too much detail? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or go into more detail on our Facebook page.


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