Protoscar Lampo: Part Lambo, part lamp

The Protoscar Lampo is a two-seater cabriolet that charges about on an electrical charge from its two battery motors. And it's rather quick

"'Allo, John, got a new motor?" "Yes, actually. It's a Lampo." "A Lambo?! Blimey, John, it must have been a good year at the abbatoir!" "No, no, a Protoscar Lampo. It's an electric sports cabriolet." Pause. "You've got some funny ideas, you 'ave, John."

The Lampo is a two-door electric sports car, powered by two water-cooled Brusa electric motors each with its own single-speed gearbox. One drives the front wheels and the other drives the back, with one engine doing the gruntwork and the other set up to recover energy from braking. A 3.3kW charger is connected to each axle.

Each of the lithium-ion battery packs manage 16kWh, with a total output of 268bhp (200kW) and a total range of about 125 miles. It'll pin back your ears with more than 440Nm of torque.

"'Ere John, is it called Lampo because you plug it into a lampost to charge it? Hurhurhur!" "No, actually Lampo is Italian for 'lightning', because lightning is both electrical and fast, just like the car. It goes from 0-60mph in about 5 seconds and maxes out at 125mph." Pause. "Oh. Right. 'Ey John, what's Italian for 'goes like shish off a shovel'?"

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