Prizefight: Beats Solo by Dr. Dre vs. Bose On-Ear Headphones

A collection of judges from CNET put the Bose On-Ear Headphones and the Dr. Dre Headphones through their paces, pitting the earphones head-to-head in five bone-shaking rounds. See who comes out on top in this subjective battle

Bose has built quite the reputation for its entire audio line, so it's no surprise that the company's portable headphones, the On-Ear, have a tidy little following. These cushy, earpad-style cans distinguish themselves from their brethren by removing Bose's signature noise-canceling functionality in favor of offering a slightly deflated price tag. But don't fret: the On-Ear headphones still present a sleek design that's understated and compact without feeling flimsy. It's no wonder the Bose name springs easily to the lips whenever headphones are mentioned, and why plenty of competitors want a piece of that action.

One of the latest contenders for the Bose headphone throne is Monster, which has a powerful retail presence and spin-inducing partnerships with a variety of A-list musicians. One of these partners is Dr. Dre, who released an on-ear model of his Beats headphones just last year. The Beats Solo are the same price as the Bose On-Ears, but they come to the plate with a more fashion-forward, eye-catching style and timely features: an inline mic and playback controls that work with the iPhone and iPod.

Which will come out on top? A classic model with thick roots in the headphone space and the performance to back it up? Or a newcomer with sweet looks and up-to-date features? Let's find out, shall we? Let the battle begin!

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