Polaroid PIC-1000: Instant film makes a comeback

Polaroid has taken it back to the old school with a retro concept here at CES 2010

Technology trade shows such as CES 2010 may be temples of the new and flashy, but a surefire way to grab headlines is to show off a concept that harks back to the tech of yesteryear. That's the route Polaroid has taken with the PIC-1000, an instant film camera clad in retro wood effect. It also appears in grey and black, but they look a bit plastic.

At last year's CES, instant photography went digital with Polaroid's PoGo , but this year the legendary company is kicking it old school. The PIC-1000 uses Polaroid 1000 instant film, the last instant film the company makes. That and Polaroid's troubled recent history don't bode well for this concept ever seeing the light of day, but it's clear that Polaroid still has plenty of fans. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

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