Pioneer KRL-32V: Unboxing the Kuro LCD

We couldn't be more excited at the prospect of getting our hands on the new 32-inch LCD from Pioneer. We're so hyped we've photographed the poor thing into next week

When we first got our hands on the Kuro LCD from Pioneer at the company's head office a few months ago, we were thrilled. Although there was some concern that a Kuro LCD could never be as impressive as the plasma range, we were still keen to see smaller TVs that could compete with Loewe and other premium manufacturers.

The LCD Kuro isn't designed to replace the plasmas at all, of course. Instead, Pioneer hopes that people who would like smaller -- but still impressively black -- TVs will turn to this range. It's also ideal for very rich people who want a Kuro for the bedroom to complement the Kuro plasma in their lounge.

We're thrilled to have one of the first final production models in our TV-loving hands, and this excitement has led us to photograph it like a paparazzo would snap a knickerless Britney Spears.

This 32-inch model costs around £1,300 and the larger 37-inch model is £1,500, so these aren't exactly recession-proof TVs. Still, if you want an LCD TV with incredible black levels, these are the very fellows for you.

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