Photos: SanDisk unveils 12GB microSD, 32GB Sansa View

SanDisk unveiled a whole heap of new products at CES, including new lines of SDHC cards, 12GB microSD cards and an impressive 32GB version of the Sansa View MP3 and video player

SanDisk's standing room-only press conference today played host to a few nuggets of flash-related news. Firstly, SanDisk founder and CEO Eli Harari gave us a little slideshow about his company's current strengths and successes in the memory market, then went on at length to show how far the firm has come over the last few years.

Anyway, the most exciting news for us was that our predictions were almost spot-on: SanDisk has significantly upped the capacity of its microSD cards. The new model comes with a mind-blowing 12GB of flash memory. That's around 50 billion transistors packed inside a card the size of a fingernail. Okay, so it's not the 16GB we hoped for, but it's still an incredible figure and now stands as the highest capacity microSD card in the world.

On the show floor, however, one of SanDisk's reps told us that 16GB disks are "just around the corner". No price or availability date was disclosed for the 12GB card or, obviously, any 16GB cards. Click through for more SanDisk pics and news.

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