Photos: Hands-on with the Kodak EasyShare V1073 and C613

The 10-megapixel Kodak EasyShare V1073 is styled after Jason Bourne, with a combat-black frame and touchscreen, while the C613 is a curvy bargain

As ambivalent as we are about touchscreens, the Kodak EasyShare V1073 and C613 caught our eye at the Focus On Imaging 2008 conference in sunny Birmingham. In fact, the V1073 caught us between the eyes like a stealth brick. This camera looks good the way two people beating seven shades of Shynola out of each other looks good, if one of them is Jason Bourne.

The first thing we noticed is that the V1073 looks like it's modelled on one of those rubber bricks you had to rescue while wearing pyjamas on life-saving courses at the municipal swimming pool. The manufacturer's logo and buttons match the matte black of the camera body, while the lens sports a quirky squared surround.

It looks like the sort of camera an SAS trooper would use to take pictures of terrorist installations while skydiving in under radar, and possibly use to brain a henchman when he landed.

Specs-wise, it's a 10-megapixel compact with a 3x optical zoom lens and a great big 76mm (3-inch) touchscreen. Optical image stabilisation, face detection and 16:9 MPEG-4 video round out this package. Click through the links for more of the V1073, and if the £199 price tag isn't your bag, get set for a bargain that could have your eye out. -Rich Trenholm

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