Photos: Doro's simple, easy-to-use mobile phones

Hello! No these aren't Dom Jolly stunt phones. The HandlesEasy 326gsm and the HandlePlus 324gsm are easy-to-use handsets aimed at people who want the absolute basics

The HandleEasy 326gsm might look like a toy phone, but it's actually specifically designed to be easy to use. Aimed at technophobes and the short-sighted, this handset is ideal for anyone fed up with over-featured mobile phones that deliver too many bells and whistles but fail to deliver in the calling department.

All you get is a massive keypad, a monochrome backlit display, memory for up to 50 numbers, speakerphone mode, vibrating alert and four speed-dial keys right underneath the screen. Battery life stands at around 160 hours standby time and 140 minutes talk time.

It doesn't have a camera, Web browser, MP3 player or expandable memory card slot -- but that might be just what you're looking for. We've been testing the HandlesEasy 326gsm for a few days and it does what it says on the tin. You can buy it for around £85 from doromobile. Click through for more doro phones.

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