Philips SRU8010 remote delivers customized his-and-hers channel lineups

The Philips SRU8010 universal remote boasts the ability for up to six users to add customized, icon-based channel lineups to its built-in full-color screen--and at just $80, it's priced to move.

Philips SRU8010
The Philips SRU8010 can display customized channel lineups for up to six users. Philips

The household battle for dominance of the remote control is a launching pad for a thousand bad stand-up comedy routines--and even some more scholarly examinations. But the new Philips SRU8010 may be the first universal remote control that acknowledges gender viewing differences with prominently placed HIS and HERS buttons to access customized channel lineups. In fact, the SRU8010 can be programmed for up to six different users, each of whom can add more than 100 favorite channels to the remote's brilliant color screen--and the channels are all icon-based with the familiar network logos. The SRU8010 uses built-in wizards to guide users through the process of programming up to 10 separate devices--no PC hookup is required. Best of all, the SRU8010 is available now for around $80. While I have some qualms about the button layout--the video transport controls should be toward the center, between the directional pad and the numeric keypad--it's great to see a full-service Philips remote that includes a built-in color screen at such an affordable price point. We'll have a full hands-on review in the coming weeks.

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