Philips GoGear SA5245BT review and photos

Senior Editor Donald Bell offers his review of the Philips GoGear SA5245 with A2DP Bluetooth audio.

Photo of Philips GoGear SA5245BT MP3 player.
Philips latest MP3 player combines Rhapsody DNA and wireless audio. CNET Networks/Corinne Schulze

It's not often we get excited about a Philips MP3 player, but the Bluetooth-wielding, Rhapsody-integrated GoGear SA5245BT is a notable exception.

The GoGear SA5245BT sports a video-worthy 2.8-inch screen, along with a photo viewer, FM radio, voice recorder, and music player, for about $130 (4GB) and $170 (8GB). This GoGear MP3 player also comes embedded with Rhapsody subscription music DNA and an A2DP Bluetooth audio feature that works with both music and video playback.

If you're in the market for a wireless MP3 player with an accommodating screen, then be sure to check out our full review of the Philips GoGear SA5245BT and take a peek at our Crave photo gallery.

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