Peregrine gaming controller: Smell the glove

The Peregrine gaming glove puts more than 30 keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips -- all over your hand, in fact

After attending parties in Las Vegas nightclubs, spotting weird stuff is the most fun to be had at CES. While the Peregrine gaming glove looks oddly familiar at first, it may not actually be such a crazy idea. Wearing the glove, you can do anything from fragging an enemy to creating a new layer in a Photoshop image.

Stainless steel spring contact wires run through the breathable fabric glove to metallic contact points placed around your hand: five on each finger and two on the thumb, as well as one large palm contact point. Simply tap your thumb against any point on your fingers, or tap a finger to your palm, to execute a pre-programmed action. It's rather like the gauntlets worn by Christian Bale's Batman in Batman Begins.

You can calibrate the glove to alter the size of the touch points as you get used to it. Any keyboard hotkey can be reproduced by the touch points, and you can still type with the glove on. It currently comes in southpaw only, worn on the left hand so the right is free to use the mouse. The material is breathable and includes vents, but we could see it getting sweaty. Fortunately, it's washable, and the freedom to move and rest your hand anywhere you like saves on those familiar all-night gaming-session hand cramps.

The glove attaches magnetically to a USB connector pod. The pod stores up to five profiles of different key combinations, so you can save controls for different games and programs.

The Peregrine was first spotted at last year's CES , but the model at this year's show is set to be the final production version, as it is now on pre-order and hits shops early this year for $150 (£90).

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