Pentax Optio M60 and E60: 10 megapixels for dummies

The Pentax Optio M60 and E60 are entry-level cameras that do just about everything for you -- including finding more faces than a football match -- and all for less than a ton

Joining the recently announced waterproof W60 are two new Pentax Optio models, the E60 (pictured left) and M60 (right). Both cameras are straight out of the entry-level drawer, and clock in at less than a telycost. What's a telycost? About a hundred pounds.

The M60 is a 10-megapixel compact, with a 5x optical zoom, and smile and blink detection. It also boasts a whopping face-recognition system that will pick out up to 32 faces in a frame. We don't even know that many people.

This is joined by the E60, in which the E probably stands for 'entry-level', or possibly 'eejit'. It's a 10.1-megapixel model that makes it possible for even simpletons to take pictures, thanks to fully automatic green mode, and an image-recovery function to rescue images that have been accidentally deleted. It also packs a 3x optical zoom and takes AA batteries, in case you can't figure out how a charger works.

The E60 will be available in October for around £70. The M60 will be available in silver, pink or blue, and will arrive near the end of August for around £90. -Rich Trenholm

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