Pebble smartwatch coming to Best Buy starting July 7

Smartwatches are finally going a little more mainstream...will others follow into retail?

Pebble's new retail packaging for Best Buy. Pebble

Starting this Sunday, you can have any Pebble you want at Best long as it's black.

True to rumors that leaked out yesterday, the Pebble-to-Best-Buy news is true. The Kickstarter-born Pebble Watch receives notifications from Android or iOS devices via Bluetooth and has a growing collection of watch faces and supported apps, including Runkeeper , but it hasn't been easily available to many of those who pre-ordered. Today's announcement that the Pebble will be at Best Buy will hopefully help with supply.


The Pebble will also get new retail packaging, a white box as opposed to the utilitarian Kindle-like cardboard sleeve that current Pebbles ship in. Best Buy will start selling the Pebble Sunday, July 7, and only in black, both in stores and online via Personally, I think black is the best-looking Pebble color anyway.

Cherry red will be available at Best Buy in August. Meanwhile, the remaining orange, gray, and white colors will still be available to order on Pebble's Web site. Read our review of the Pebble on CNET, and stay tuned for a review update to reflect the latest version and apps.

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