Over the Alaska Highway, on hydrogen

Toyota shows off its FCHV fuel cell vehicle at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show; the car traveled 2,300 miles on the Alaska Highway.

Toyota FCHV
Toyota's fuel cell vehicle made it through Alaska. CNET Networks/Sarah Tew

To prove that its hydrogen fuel cell drive systems can handle real-world conditions, Toyota took its FCHV, or Fuel Cell Hydrogen Vehicle, down the 2,300 miles of the Alaska Highway. The car they used was on display at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show. This car uses the same platform and body as a Toyota Highlander, yet its wheels are turned by electric motors. The electricity is generated from a fuel cell stack that runs off of hydrogen. Toyota has fitted this most recent generation of the FCHV with 10,000 psi hydrogen tanks that give it a range of more than 300 miles. Of course, because there are no hydrogen fueling stations along the Alaska Highway, the car had fuel trucks following it on the journey.

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