Our new perfect 10 - Lexus LS 600h

Lexus shows its LS 600h at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show.

A cutaway shows how the hybrid system works in the LS 600h.
A cutaway shows how the hybrid system works in the LS 600h. CNET Networks

We generated a little controversy last year at CNET Car Tech by rating the Lexus LS 460L a perfect 10. Subsequently, the LS 460L also won our Tech Car of the Year award. Lexus shows off a cutaway model of what's likely to be this year's perfect 10 at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show, the Lexus LS 600h. This car takes the LS 460 and simply adds a hybrid system, increasing drivetrain power and efficiency. Lexus is using the Geneva show to push its hybrids in the European market, showing off and advertising its RX 400h and GS 450h, as well as this pre-launch demonstration of the LS 600h.

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