Orange and T-Mobile hike prices yet again

Orange and T-Mobile are bilking customers yet again with a new round of price increases to your monthly bill.

Orange and T-Mobile are bilking customers yet again with a new round of price increases to your monthly bill. The two networks merged under the name EE are hiking prices, but there's no way to get out of your contract in protest.

Orange will charge you 3.3 per cent extra on your contract, unless you joined recently or you have a SIM-only contract because you bought your phone separately.

Customers on business contracts are also unaffected.

It's only contracts that are subject to price hikes. The cost of a call, text and bundle stay the same. There are no changes to EE's 4G prices -- but they're high enough already , amirite?

"Due to inflation, which directly affects the costs of running our business, we've had to re-evaluate our prices and introduce an increase," says Orange.

So if you currently have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a monthly bill of £36 with Orange, you'll be stung for £37.16 per month from next month. On a £51 deal, the price increase adds an extra £1.64.

If you're on Orange, the price hike takes effect on 10 April. On T-Mobile the increase kicks in on 9 May.

If all this sounds familiar, it's because both Orange and T-Mobile  hoiked their prices up last year. They're allowed to jack you up once a year by the same amount as the Retail Price Index, and you can't cancel your contract without paying the remainder -- although Ofcom is considering clamping down on that particular wheeze .

EE does offer a service to fix your bill, but only by paying extra: Fix Your Monthly Plan costs between 50p and £2 more on your monthly bill, depending on your tariff. Cheers guys. 

Are Orange and T-Mobile 'avin' a giraffe, or is the service still good value? What's your top tip when it comes to paying for your phone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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