Olympus Micro Four Thirds debutant picture leaks: It's the E-P1

Olympus's long-awaited Micro Four Thirds model has a name: the E-P1. Click the story to see a first picture, and have your say on what this new market sector should be called...

Olympus has been promising its first Micro Four Thirds model for ages, but with a 'mysterious' launch event in exactly one week's time and the Internet abuzz with rumour, it seems the wait is over. The new camera even has a name: the E-P1.

We've been salivating over the gloriously louche concept since last September's Photokina -- has it really been that long? In the meantime, Panasonic has reached its second Micro Four Thirds milestone, following the Lumix G1 with the video-shooting GH1 . It's high time for a little competition in this new -- and still somewhat overpriced -- market sector. Now all we need is a name for this new type of interchangeable lens, non-dSLR cameras. Are they hybrids? dSLR-alikes? dSLaren'ts? Suggestions in the comments, please.

Olympus retro concept

How close the E-P1 will be to the show concept, pictured above at PMA by CNET.com's Stephen Shankland, remains to be seen, but Olympus has been feeding the flames of speculation with a series of teasers related to the classic Pen camera. It seems the new model will definitely be retro-inspired at the very least.

Crave will be winging its way to Berlin this time next week for the international launch. Stay tuned and all will be revealed...

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