Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Apple Web site re-design Apple has been fine-tuning the design of the tech support pages of its web site. Check out the new look by going to the Tech Info Library page, which includes additional links to the redesigned Software Updates and new Tech Exchange pages.

The Apple Club is history (thanks, MacInTouch).

Internet Access 1.0.3 (1794K) is now out. From the Read Me file: "This software is an update to the software included with Mac OS 8.0 for connecting your computer to the Internet. It includes instructions on how to set up Internet Access and solutions for common problems in the manual that came with your software or computer. Internet Access 1.0.3 provides support for Apple Remote Access (ARA) 3.0."

PowerMenu 2.2.1 is now out. PowerMenu is a "comprehensive Contextual Menu utility that adds powerful commands to the Finder's Contextual Menu under Mac OS 8, and provides its own Contextual Menu for System 7 users."

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