nPower PEG kinetic phone charger generates power, and awkward glances

The need for a power boost on the move can lead a man to do many desperate things. But is anyone desperate enough to publicly charge up the nPower PEG?

Running out of battery power when you're on the move is undeniably a pain. But the question you have to ask is this: "Is my pain so great that I'm willing to use the nPower PEG in public?" For this motion-charged, portable power source for handheld devices could prove rather embarrassing.

The PEG (Personal Energy Generator) can be charged up via USB or by normal movement in a bag as you go about your daily business. The problem comes when you need to recharge it quickly. In such a situation, you'll have to vigorously shake the cylindrical device in such a manner as to suggest to passers-by that you either don't think much of them, or are openly engaging in the most private of activities.

Dodgy hand manoeuvres aside, we're actually pretty stoked about the PEG -- we really hate running out of juice on the road. The PEG has a built-in 1,000mAh battery, which is where your electricity is stored once it's generated. By our reckoning, the battery, when full, should provide enough juice to give most modern phones half a charge. It'll certainly provide enough power to make that all-important phone call when you're in a bind.

UK pricing and availability is yet to be announced, but the PEG is expected to go on sale in the US for $160 (£105) at some point this year.


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