Now TV wows with 6 months Sky Movies for the price of one

To celebrate the launch of the Now TV Box, Sky is giving away six months of movies for the price of one.

To celebrate the launch of the Now TV Box, Sky is giving away six months of movies for the price of one.

Sign up to Sky's streaming service Now TV before midnight on 4 August -- this Sunday -- and you pay just £2.50 per month for the next six months. That's a total of £15, less than the usual cost of a single month.

If you don't take advantage of this new offer, buying the new Now TV box gets you one free month, followed by three months at £9, then up to the regular £16 monthly cost.

But forget that -- £2.50 per month for access to Sky's catalogue of new releases is a solid-gold bargain. The £2.50 discount comes courtesy of movie mag Total Film. You don't even need to be a reader of the magazine to benefit -- all you have to do is type TOTALFILMOFFER into the voucher code box when you sign up for a new account.

Then maybe send Total Film a thank-you card. It's only polite.

You don't need a Now TV box either, all you need is a new Now TV account. If you already have an account, you can't benefit from the discount, but -- and you didn't hear this from me -- there's nothing to stop you from signing up with a new email address.

Now TV is Sky's online service for watching Sky Sports and Sky Movies without a dish or a subscription. Because of Sky's stranglehold on new films, Now TV has a wealth of new releases that aren't on streaming rivals Lovefilm or Netflix -- as well as a back catalogue including all the James Bond films. You can sign up here.

Can Sky and Now TV tempt you away from Lovefilm and Netflix? What's the best way to watch films online? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our blockbusting Facebook page.

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