Nokia Music coming to iPhone and Android, leaked pic hints

A leaked image, purportedly from Nokia training materials, suggests the streaming service is about to expand.

Nokia's streaming music service could be about to land on iOS and Android, a leaked image suggests.

Nokia Music -- which comes pre-installed on new Lumia smart phones -- is listed in the image above as supporting iOS and Android, alongside Mac and PC. The graphic appears to have surfaced on Chinese-language site CTech, and purportedly comes from a Nokia training manual.

Nokia's Music -- which competes with the likes of Spotify and -- doesn't let you search for and stream whatever tunes you fancy, instead you're limited to a playlist of songs hand-picked by the folks at Nokia.

If you cough up a little cash every month you unlock Music+, which lets you download entire playlists for offline listening, and skip tracks an unlimited number of times.

The pic above could easily be a fake, but as Nokia earns cash when people upgrade to the paid-for option, so you can see why our favourite Finns could be keen to get the service onto the more-widely-used iOS and Android.

Nokia has big changes afoot, as it's currently in the process of being bought by Microsoft.

Nokia recently revealed two six-inch smart phones, as well as its first tablet, which is powered by Microsoft's Windows RT operating system.

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